Vows, etc.


Tradition has it that the first anniversary gift is paper. What better way to celebrate the first year of marriage than with handwritten vows?

Different cultural traditions have unique takes on marriage vows. The Jewish tradition has the "ketubah" whichich is basically a contract where the bride and groom outline their rights and responsiblities to each other. I've done ketubahs/ketubot for clients, but I want to let you know that, sadly, I do not write in Hebrew, and can only write extensively within the confines of the Romance and romanized languages.

Quaker Wedding Vows
The Quaker wedding vows can be a simple or as complex as the couple desires. There are blank spaces for the couple to sign at the ceremony, as well as spaces for all the witnesses/guests.

Prices vary depending on the length of the vows, type of illustration, whether framed or unframed, etc. Please email me to discuss.