Escort/Place Cards

Custom escort card with opaque white calligraphy.

Custom escort card with opaque white calligraphy.


Escort cards are an efficient way to let your guests know their table assignment at your event. Place cards, in contrast, show where at the table the guest will be sitting.

I can work with tent cards or mini envelopes that you supply or I can design a custom escort card for an extra fee.

Calligraphy for each escort card is $1.50 for each name. Couples sharing the same surname (Mr. and Mrs. Sample) are considered as one name. Couples with different names are considered as two names. The table assignment is $.50 per card.

There may be a prep fee if your escort cards or place cards are dark/opaque. There is also a $25.00 flat fee for any color besides black. However, if I have worked with you on your envelopes, and you are using the same ink color, there is no extra charge.