Hi! I'm Emily Gallardo, Boston calligrapher.

I have loved calligraphy ever since I first learned it in high school. My love for calligraphy lead me to major in graphic design in college. I worked for a while in advertising and marketing but decided after several years, to strike out on my own as a calligrapher. Today, I'm very fortunate to have a studio in Boston's historic South End where I get to ply my art and my craft.

I love the beauty of the written word, how simple shapes come together to create ever more complex ideas, levels of meaning; how a single hand-wrought stroke conveys the energy and vitality of the human touch.

I love sharing my skills and knowledge with my students. I feel we have a deep desire to make things with our hands, and calligraphy is just one of the most immediate ways we can see the product of out labors.

I love working with my hands to create unique pieces that communicate the skill and care dedicated to making the written word sing on the page.